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Deputy Director General – Management Services

Lawyer Anthony Boateng

Born on 16th August 1960 at Effiduasi-Ashanti. Both parents are deceased. Had elementary (now Basic) Education at EffiduSi-Ashanti. After his Ordinary and Advanced Level education, he graduated as a professional teacher and taught for some time.

He later joined the National Commission for Civic Education as a Research Officer on secondment from the Ghana Education Service. On expiration of the secondment he reverted to the GES and served in various capacities until his current appointment as; Assistant Secretary at the GES Council Deputy Secretary, GES Council, Ag. Secretary, GES Council, Head of the Legal Unit of GES, Director for HRMD and Director for Special Education.

He is a senior Member of the Ghana Bar Association and belong to several professional bodies both locally and internationally. It might be important to add that he has served as Ag. Executive Secretary of the National Teaching Council and among his current schedules is that he is the Chairman of the National Steering Committee on the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Ghana.